08 April 2014

Early Summer Getaway

Summer season has officially started. It's the best time to visit the country, and there's no better place to go and enjoy the beautiful season than at the beach.
 photo IMG_0187_zps7fae451b.jpg  photo IMG_0269_zps898bb6f0.jpg  photo IMG_0160_zps1a66b1b3.jpg  photo IMG_0379_zps11bd0726.jpg  photo SunlitSerenity_zps886c39df.jpg  photo IMG_0144_zps454b6535.jpg  photo IMG_0184_zpsace50554.jpg  photo IMG_0268_zps00f6a9dc.jpg
 photo IMG_0218_zps660b6a04.jpg  photo IMG_0219_zpsa8b288e3.jpg  photo IMG_0221_zps82b30a8b.jpg

I hope you'll have a great summer vacation this year. Take a break from work and leave the city life for awhile. If you have plans to travel abroad and the escape the cold weather in your country, choose Philippines. It's the perfect summer destination. Bring along your family and friends, explore the country and enjoy Filipino delicacies. Most of all, don't forget to apply sun protection, because I'm telling you it's pretty hot in here. :)


  1. Hey dear! :)
    I'm so in love with these pictures! They make me dream of summer and I can't wait to finally visit the Philippines! <3

    I hope you're doing fine?

    XX, Sara.

    1. Oh you are very welcome here Sara! You can visit my little home town. :) Just let me know. :D If that happens, I'd like to take some photos of you wearing your stylish clothes for your blog. :)