13 January 2014


It's a lie if I say I don't love anything about Korean. I do. But NOT EXTREMELY. I just find Korea, the people and the culture interesting that I want to visit and explore the country in the future. Understanding their language, I think, is the only problem. Maybe this is the right place to thank those interpreters behind those drama series and TV shows. They make my life easy. I mean easy to understand Korean. ;)

Speaking of which, a cousin of mine discovered Kuyane and introduced it to me. I have no idea what it means. I'm not even sure if it's a Korean word. But they serve Korean dishes like Kim-chi and Kim-bap, so maybe it's Korean. It is located in a food court inside a mall. I don't know in your place, but in the city I live in, it's very uncommon to find Korean dishes serve in a food court. Mostly Filipino cuisine. So for me, it's like a K drive-thru, because I don't need to go to a Korean restaurant to enjoy Korean food.
 photo IMG_3821_zpse610e7b8.jpg  photo IMG_3808_zpsadee8ab4.jpg

My cousin said that woman above is the owner. Judging her smiles when we took our orders, I can say she's friendly. I didn't hear her talk, but my cousin said she heard her say something in English. Anyway, they only serve 4-5 kinds of Korean dishes. We ordered sweet and chili fish fillet, beef steak and Kim-bap. They also gave us a free Kim-chi. Delicious! ;)
 photo IMG_3810_zpsff94c78f.jpg  photo IMG_3811_zpsfc409fba.jpg  photo IMG_3812_zps46632675.jpg

We both love Korean food. :) I remember the first time I went to a K restaurant was a year ago.
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 photo IMG_3818_zps65f06c7a.jpg  photo IMG_3813_zpsc7d65b71.jpg

Kim-bap is not only a pretty dish but also very healthy. So happy I can eat it anytime I want without going to a Korean restaurant where Korean food are usually expensive. Thanks to Kuyane. I can buy and take it home for only 70 pesos. Very affordable indeed.

I'm actually excited to blog about this discovery considering this is my first food trip for 2014. Glad I have this day to finally share it to you all. I have a new target for my next post. It's a new restaurant near Xavier University where I studied Nursing. Hopefully I have the time to go and have lunch in that new restaurant this week. If not, maybe after Sinulog Festival. Yes, I'm going to Cebu this coming Friday, and my family and I will be staying there till Sunday night. Before I forget, I will be celebrating my 26th birthday on the 23rd of this month. Yay! Time to say goodbye to my 25 year-old self soon. :)


  1. Hi Cherry, glad you back to blogging. You are no doubt multitalent and I always enjoy your well written post, and now yayy....even more tasty goods and pretty photos. Although I've never been to Korea, I would love Korean food definitely. I agree Korea is just interesting and colorful. Reminds me the time I was fan of Rain & Full House :)). Have a wonderful year!

    1. Thanks Nataya! My food trip started way back in 2011. I found a lot of my food trip photos and thought I can share them through blog. Happy to know you watch Korean drama like Full House. It's one of my favorites too. :) You should really try Korean food. I think you'll love it.