26 January 2014

January Weather + 26th Birthday

At this moment, we are experiencing below 20 degree Celsius temperature. Quite unusual but I love it. Not everyday we experience weather like we have now - cold and sunny. So I wanna enjoy it with a sip of coffee while writing this post. :)

On my last post, I did mention that I am going to Cebu City for this year's Sinulog Festival. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to go due entirely to a very bad storm. Real bummer! It would have been a fun weekend if it wasn't because of the weather. Oh well, there's always "next time".

Anyway, I've just celebrated my 26th birthday. Frankly, I didn't feel like celebrating this year for personal reason. Then someone made me realize that birthday is a God's blessing. That alone is worthy of a big celebration. I'm just very thankful for giving me another year to live. It's probably the greatest gift.

My friends and I went to Bourbon St. Bistro in its new location at J.R. Borja Street. They brought American, French and Southern cuisine to Cagayan de Oro. I love the food and the place.
 photo IMG_4716_zpsbe2ff737.jpg  photo IMG_4713_zps595332d8.jpg  photo IMG_4712_zps66eee999.jpg  photo IMG_4714_zps78b821e2.jpg  photo IMG_4736_zpsd84a8a84.jpg  photo IMG_4727_zpsa5bc1e08.jpg  photo IMG_4737_zpsb25ab2f1.jpg  photo IMG_4724_zpsf33a0664.jpg  photo IMG_4742_zps79db1d3f.jpg  photo IMG_4718_zps0f4e6b7c.jpg

Titanic Ice Cream Treat at Bigby's Cafe and Restaurant. Good for 10-15 persons, I think. Truly a refreshment before we ended my birthday celebration.
 photo IMG_4772_zps11a67084.jpg  photo IMG_4775_zps3bbbd027.jpg  photo IMG_4798_zps5ba0dfc8.jpg  photo IMG_4796_zpsbb8d08df.jpg

If you ask me what's my wish this year, only one... a JOB. Wish me luck! xoxo Chema, not Chima.:D

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  1. Happy birthday! And what an impressive dessert to celebrate it with!